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I got my flippy floppies!

I had bought a pair of Cobian flip flops about 5 (at least) years ago.

cobian flip flop blue

Cobian Shattered

I liked the flops because they had the surf style traction pads for the foot bedding.  Super non slick one would think!  Indeed they were, and uber comfortable too.  For $20, they were half the price of any other flip flop I had bought since 2001.

old cobians

old cobians

My flops go through the wringer as they are used daily, all daily, every daily.  I would be lucky to get a full year out of a pair before having to move onto another.  The tops and bottoms would wear down so bad that my foot would be sliding on the shoe, and the shoe sliding on the ground.  Not good when you work on boats.  Even though the bottoms of the Cobian’s wore down to nothing pretty fast, they have managed to stay in my possession for much longer than any other flop I have owned.  Partly because they are so comfortable.

old cobians

And now they have found new life… being reused in the form of a puppy chew toy!  What amazes me most, is they are still fully intact.  I’m blown away!  Rasta has razer sharp teeth and has dispatched a lot of other toys (shoes) pretty quickly, but these blue Cobian’s, take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!

old cobians as chew toy

Flippy floppity chew toy

on the battlefield with all the other chew toys

island of misfits

If feels good finding a new way to repurpose something that would otherwise end up in the land fill.  And at this current moment, these flip flops, are acting as extra shingle for our roof!  Any one have a ladder we could borrow?  Seriously.



Enter the Puppy!

This past October we adopted a little puppy dog.

Yes he is what Willis was talking about and yeah, he probably could have taken down Bruce Lee with his notorious ankle biting.

ankle bite

Ankle biter!

Rasta Pup 2 months

I know, he looks deadly, but don’t be fooled.  This dog is seriously the chillest little guy ever.  I expected zero sleep for me and many hours of poo-pick up and carpet cleaning, but that hasn’t been the case.  We received him crate trained, puppy pad trained and somewhat house broken.  If it weren’t for our rug which looks and feels like a nice, manicured piece of grass to pee on, there would not have been any accidents.  So we quickly demoted the rug to garage duty and have since been, piss free and loving life.  I have the killer trained to ring a bell anytime he wants to go outside.  As crazy as I thought it sounded at first, “no way will I be able to train this pup to ring a bell to go potty.”  It literally took only about 2 minutes before he figured it out.  Thank’s Mr. Pavlov.

Rather than the hyper annoying, terrorizer I expected, I got this wonderful little bundle of (somewhat lazy) love.

Awww!  Looks like an “Axel” right?  No way Jose.  Our little buddy came to us with a name that screams rock and roll but with a demeanor that purrs reggae.  It just so happens that he responded quite well to one name in particular (we threw out over a hundred), Rasta.   Thank you for the name  Miss Megnadoodle!

puppy dreads

"If I weren't from Jamaica then why would I be wearin' this hat mon?!?" No crying in Babylon

So now you have met Rasta, though, through his ears he might think his name is Mr. Buddy, Mr. Mister, Mr. Miyagi-san, Rastapuss, Pasta…  Whatever the name, he will be the source of many of upcoming photographs I am sure (half of these were iPhone pics).

wated puppy dog barron

Rasta’s Brother, Barron – this was are other option (how could you ever choose?)

When Deb pulled up at the vet clinic there were two bros left, it was a tough choice between the two puppies, in hindsight we wish we would have taken both.  If you happen to have seen Barron and know his Facebook, Myspace or Twitter handle…or how to get a hold of his new family, please contact us.  If for nothing else, just to see how the old chap is doing and what he looks like, how big etc., so perhaps we can get a better idea of what type of dog their father was.  And doesn’t Barron look like a mini ball of fuzz, maybe a Bernese Mountain Dog?  And Rasta looks more like a wirehaired terrier/lab mix.  Hmmm, not sure what breed these pups are made of but sure are cute!  I’m sure we’ll be those annoying parents posting way too many pictures of our babe but he’s too cute not to show off!

Our little Rasta pup

You talkin’ to me?

Ice Storm… continued

icicle tree black and white

Here is the Reuters link to the madness which ensued after the storms.

And here are some more backyard pics in black and white.

frozen pine needles

frozen tree limb

christmas lights, clothespin and clothesline with ice

Snowmageddon / Snowpocalypse

Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snowzilla, kaisersnoze, snOMG, what ever you want to call it, we had it.  From 12″-18″ of snow overnight…

snow on tree limbs

Fluffy pow pow!

…to freezing rain, sleet, hail and high winds the next few days, it was a mess.  Ice Ice Baby, you got that right Mr. Vanilla!

tree with ice

tree limbs ice

pine tree ice

pine needle ice

icicle christmas lights

icicle at night on tree limb branch