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West Coast Move (Part 2)

After much research and debate we finally decide to go with PODS for moving our possessions across country.  I couldn’t have be happier with the decision especially after our road trip was over, when I realized just how much of a pain in the rear it would have been to drive a U-Hual (with car in tow) almost 4000 miles over the varying terrain and elevation changes.  The fuel alone would have ended up costing us more than anything. Full service shipping companies were out of the question because parking was tight in our little townhome community not to mention the expense.  PODS dropped off their container at our doorstep, we filled it at our leisure and called them when we were done.  They sent out a truck to pick up the pod and shipped it to our new location.  Simple (although the packing part wasn’t so fun!).

{POD party!}

Parting was such bittersweet sorrow.  Though ecstatic about moving on to a new life in a place that is world renowned for its beauty, we couldn’t help but feel sad to leave.  We were leaving behind some great friends, two solid jobs and lots of good memories.

We traded in the beach cruisers and surfboards for mountain bikes and snowboards, down sized and donated a TON of stuff to local charities.  It was tough to let go of things at first, and some even made the trip out west before we decided to let go, but ultimately we knew we wanted to simplify our lives and that meant taking a stand (against ourselves) and saying adios!

I finally let go of my baby, my first and only vehicle, a ’92 Toyota pickup.  Something I never thought I would part with.  Loved that truck.  Equally as hard for Deb, was locking the door and saying goodbye to her first house.

{tears of joy…and sadness}