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Preserved Lemon & Brussel Sprout Pizza

Another great use for the lemons (courtesy of my favorite felon, Martha Stewart), pizza!

lemon brussel pizza

A couple of differences:

  1. I used a premade dough from The Farm Stand (friggin’ love that place!)
  2. Spread goat cheese and oil over the crust as a “sauce”
  3. Sautéed whole brussels (cut in half) in oil vs just using the leaves
  4. Sautéed shallots and garlic with chili flakes
  5. Preserved lemon confit…of course
  6. Cooked on a pizza stone instead of cast iron

Delicioso my friends, delicioso.


Lemon Confit

A friend of ours graciously donated to us an abundance of Meyer lemons from her backyard.  This was perfect timing since I had been wanting to try a recipe I keep hearing about –  Preserved lemons.

preserved lemons

 It’s a condiment found mostly in Morocco and India as well as Middle Eastern and African spreads of food.  Commonly used alongside curries and stews, preserved lemons can be paired with pretty much anything, salads, seafood even as a piquant side dish to roasted meats and poultry.  I like to blend it up into a lemony vinaigrette to dress my salads and grains (quinoa can be quite bland and boring all by itself).

lemon confit

The recipe it simple:

  1. Blanch the lemons and wipe clean
  2. Thinly slice the lemons
  3. Discard the seeds and the ends
  4. Layer the slices in the bottom of a jar
  5. Sprinkle sugar & salt over lemons
  6. Repeat layering lemons and salt/sugar until the jar is full
  7. Give it at least 3 days to “cure”
  8. Alternately, you can top the jar off with olive oil.  Your preference.

After I used all the lemons, I stumbled upon A Little Life.  A blog which gave me the brilliant idea to make a lemon-infused-honey tea base.

Unimpressed?  Read directly from her site:

She produced a glass container from the very back of her fridge and dug out a giant dollop of amber colored jam that she uncermoniously gloped into a cup. She poured boiling water over it, and handed me my mug. Wow, the most glorious thing I’ve ever tasted…it was fruity, and warming, and totally blissful. I was suprised to find it only contained two ingredients as well…sliced lemons and honey. She said when she ever had extra lemons she sliced them up and added them to her jar…extra honey? Same thing.

Lemons sliced, put into a jar and covered with honey. Simple, two ingredients and perfect for a cold winters day or at the onset of some sniffles.  Personally, there is nothing better than an old fashioned, hot toddy waiting for you after a long day of snowboarding!  In fact, I hear the kettle calling now… ebullience?

Thanks Beth!

Hot buttered…chicken?

hot buttered wings

hot wings

Damn straight!

That’s pretty much what buffalo wings are, butter and hot sauce slathered over some grilled, baked or fried chicken.  “Butter is bad,” you cry?  No, butter is flavor… butter is good… and butter is good for you.  Well, ok, it’s not helping anyone keep their svelte figure but it is alright to indulge in the creamy wonderful land-o-butta from time to time.  Why tonight?  Super Bowl?  No.  Special occasion?  None.  Just a gut craving.  Do I feel disgusted and full to the point of puking now, of course.  But wings are totally worth it sometimes.

hot buttered wings

I love the typical “buffalo style “wing sauce and will never stray from it no matter what the menu says or where I am.  But recently, I have stumbled onto my own new creation which…I should friggin’ patent!  But I have never served it to anyone else, so it’s only like, my opinion man.

Here it is:

hot buttered wings keith special sauce

special sauce

Its a mix of these 5 ingredients plus sum extra seasonings and BUTTER!

buffalo wing sauce


before and after

This post was a little gut punch to get us inspired for our 21 day cleanse/detox.  Bring on the copious amounts of fruits and veggies, mostly raw and all organic with a touch of seeds, nuts and gluten-free grains next month!