5 Minute Artisan Bread

Delicious warm crusty bread

A friend of ours turned us on to a book  titled, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  It has changed my life, and my gut.  I have tried making bread in the past, but it is usually a lengthy process with lots of kneading involved.  A tough thing for someone after ineffective wrist surgery.  The resulting bread was hardly edible.

This book offers another option.  A “no knead” version of bread which literally takes 5 minutes to throw together.  Look at the gif image below to see how quick it is.  You do have to let the dough rest for about 2 hours.  No matter what kind of bread you make, you will have to let it proof for at least that long, so if there is a way to cut out the labor and make an equally awesome tasting bread, then “hoo-ray” you should say!

bread gif

Aparently you need to click on this picture in order to watch the steps in action. It's lousy but you get the picture, sort of.

Basic Recipe:

1.5 tb salt

1.5 tb yeast

3 cups warm water

6.5 cups flour

Combine the first three ingredients, add in the flour stirring just to combine.  Pop the lid on and let it sit until the dough doubles in size.  You can use the dough right away but I would recommend transferring the container to the refrigerator overnight as it will be much easier to handle the chilled dough, trust me.

Throw some flour into the bucket, grab a grapefruit sized ball of dough and lay it on a cornmeal covered pizza peel.  Let it rest while the oven comes to temp.  Bake and enjoy!

bread black and white

Missing something?  Of course!  Go buy the book to find all the neat details about how to shape the dough, what temperature to bake, cornstarch washing, flour dusting etc.  Or email me and perhaps I could divulge a little more info, just for you.  Because you, are awesome!


Apricot Jam from Plumline

The apricot jam from Plumline, goes quite well with homemade bread!


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  1. Oh my gosh, flavored jam. Makes me so hungry.

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