Power Hour

Oh how I miss my Daytona Beach yoga community especially our girls at Renew Yoga studio.  Keith and I could wake up Saturday morning, jump on the beach cruisers and head down Beach St. to our quiet little yoga oasis.  I miss Melissa’s energy and smiling face, Mellony’s soothing tone and Mary’s positive attitude and spirit.  I miss yoga/art nights at the studio and nights out starting with a bike meetup at the studio and cruising around the beach on our bikes (and maybe a few of us falling off bikes!).  I miss Saturday morning mimosa’s at Ivy Lane after a killer Vin Yin class with Mellony. Or Sundays at the Shores for mojitos and a little firepit action with the yoga girls.   Ok…so you get the point – I miss yoga in general but most of all the community that surrounded it.  Keith and I started practicing yoga together even before we started dating and these ladies were there to witness our transformation – not just in yoga but as our relationship evolved.  We started going to yoga at another studio in Daytona and then followed these ladies when they decided to open up their very own studio just down the street from our house.  These lovely ladies became so much more than yoga instructors/mentors – they are dear friends and I miss them and their motivating yoga classes every day!

My favorite yogis - Mellony, Mary, Melissa

We went from having a fairly regular practice to going MAYBE once a month if we are lucky in Hood River.  There is one yoga studio in town – it’s quite nice and seems to have an active membership of loyal yogis but it hasn’t really been a place or a community Keith and I have been able to connect with.  A few months ago I was able to sneak out for a quick power hour lunchtime yoga class and a new teacher Mary who had recently moved from Bend was teaching the class.  She had a great energy and renewed my spirit for yoga again.  Unfortunately I haven’t made it back to a class since but have been hoping to recommit to my practice in 2012.  Well…the timing is perfect.  Mary and her husband Charles just opened a new studio in town.  Somehow I stumbled upon it last night and realized they were opening the doors today.  I was fortunate enough to attend their first class at Root Down Yoga.  They teach the Baptiste method one I was already familiar with thanks to my Renew girls and having taken a field trip with them to MBody Yoga in Jacksonville for some yoga and kirtan.

This morning’s class was great and I’m super pumped to get back into it but yikes – I was not so great.  Yes, I know…self critisism goes against the yoga code but boy did it make me realize how out of shape I am.  Probably a good thing b/c after stuffing into my yoga pants like a pork sausage and panting through the class I’m really ready to kick it into high gear and get back in shape.  Good thing I’ll have a new yoga studio to practice at!  I know that my bendy straw/gumby husband (who I not-so-secretly think should get certified as an instructor) will be excited to check it out too.  It’s probably good karma that her name is Mary too – will bring me some Daytona Beach comfort! Oh and Mary and Charles – if you guys start offering stand up paddleboard yoga this summer you’ll really make this little out of shape yogi happy!

Looking forward to getting back to yoga in 2012!

Next time I see you I’ll be flipping you my dog – see you in yoga!  And Mellony, Mary, Melissa – maybe a Wanderlust meetup?!??!!


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  1. Doesn’t it just feel great to get back to yoga! I feel the same way when we have a break. It sure does keep the flex going. My instructor is such a positive and uplifting person it makes my day!

  2. Fun on the new studio in town, hopefully I can get out there to practice sometime before the baby comes. Don’t worry, keep at it and you’ll feel right at home in the poses in no time.

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