Our West Coast Move (Part 1)

{sunrise on “The World’s Most Famous” Daytona Beach}

After 10 years in the great, sunshine armpit of the United States (Florida), we packed our bags and headed for greener pastures.   Okay, so Florida was not that bad, the sunshine was amazing and we had a nice lifestyle biking alongside the ocean, morning BOOTCAMPS on the beach with Jen, yoga with our girls at  – RENEW YOGA, mojitos on the deck overlooking the ocean with spectacular sunrises, quick trips to Key West, Bike Week and Biktoberfest (always great people watching), and let’s not forget about our amazing friends!

{cruising down the intracoastal waterway in the boat on weekends}

{custom cruisers}

But we always felt somewhat trapped there as if there were literally only one road out.  Which wasn’t far from the truth and you would know it come hurricane season when the traffic was bumper to bumper on I-95 with everyone trying to head north…the only direction one could go!

A good friend of ours said it best when she noted that the ocean is unstable and ever changing giving you that wild and restless feeling while the mountains, on the other hand, are strong, stable, immoveable.  While we really love both, we felt that it was time to feel settled and grounded and now was the time to move on to a place that offered us both mountains and ocean within a short distance and offered a little more depth and character than Daytona Beach.  I like to think of it more as, “becoming one with nature!”

{sunset over the ICW…goodbye duck family}


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Just a couple of newlyweds trying to adopt the granola lifestyle.

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